Community Travel

Local Transport Scheme

Shrivenham Parish Council recently led an initiative to establish a locally run transport scheme, which was supported by Bourton, Watchfield and Longcot parish councils.

The bid for a grant has been successful.  Villagers from the supporting parishes will have access to a new wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) and the grant covers the running costs of the vehicle for up to 5 years. The users of the service would only have to pay a per-mile charge that covers fuel costs to attend important appointments, primarily medical. For example, this might mean a cost of £3 to get to a GWH appointment, rather than £15 by taxi. The intent is to reduce the pressure on the NHS in a way that supports local people and using a low-cost, sustainable transport solution.

We are now looking for two groups of volunteers for running the scheme:  first, a representative from each of the parishes to form a management committee which will oversee the operation of the scheme.  This committee will have full autonomy in running the service, with regular updates to the sponsoring parish councils.  Second, volunteer drivers who could offer at least one half-day per week.  The only requirement is to hold a clean driving licence.

The management committee needs to be in place by end-March 2024 to secure the funding, so the priority for us is to identify a representative from the village asap.  Once the scheme is up and running it will need several drivers to operate to its full potential.

Can you help with this initiative? Could you sit on the management committee or act as a driver?

If you can, please drop a reply back to this message or contact any parish councillor.