About the 50/50 Club

About the 50/50 Club

What’s the 50/50 club?

The 50/50 club is a licensed monthly lottery which pays out one half of its income in cash prizes, with the other half donated to the village hall.  The lottery is managed by Sue Hayes.

How does it work?

The lottery is run annually, starting in January.  Participants buy one or more draw numbers for the whole year and the draws are usually made in the first week of each month.  The cost is £12 for twelve monthly draws and there are three prizes for the first, second and third numbers drawn each month.  The value of each prize is determined at the beginning of the year when the number of participants is known, but new participants can join during the year in which case the prizes are adjusted upwards.

Where does the other half go to?

The net proceeds from the club are donated to the village hall to help pay for its upkeep and to provide facilities and activities for everyone in the village.  The 50/50 club provides an important element of the village hall’s income every year – the contribution in 2021 was £504.