The Shrivenham, Watchfield & Bourton News

Can you help deliver The News?

Message from Steph Muir:

After 43 years we are leaving the village to emigrate to foreign parts – Shrivenham!  I have been delivering the News for some of those 43 years and am now looking for someone to take over.  It’s not onerous a task and I do have three helpers to assist in the delivery once a month and collection of subs once a year.  It entails collecting 57 copies from the Methodist church hall on the last Thursday of the month at 1pm, or if you can’t make that time alternative arrangements for collection can be made.  Please let me know if you are interested in taking on this volunteering role, which gets you out-and-about, and I willl give you more details.

My email is

Steph Muir