Shrivenham & Ashbury Benefice

Can you help deliver letters in Shrivenham or Watchfield?

Hello Everyone,

The PCC of Shrivenham, Watchfield and Bourton is re-launching the ‘Friends’ scheme with a view to encouraging more of our residents to give regularly towards the upkeep of our three churches.

If you live in Shrivenham or Watchfield (Bourton is already covered) and would be able to help deliver letters to all of our residents it would be much appreciated.
They are batched in ’rounds’ (from 30 – 70 houses) covering a group of nearby streets.

For Shrivenham contact me, and for Watchfield contact Ruth Holman <> or 01793 782234

Best wishes,

Lucy Laird
Benefice Administrator
01793 783519