Traffic Calming

Parish Council priorities

Following a session set aside for discussing the various traffic calming measures available in the village at the last Parish Council meeting, the Council agreed its priorities as:


  • Reducing the existing 30mph speed limit through the village to 20mph,


  • Implementing a 30mph speed limit on the stretch of road from the church through to the road passing the entrance to Fern Farm, and


  • Installing a speed bump at the existing build-out near the church, if affordable.


These measures will require a relatively high level of investment: up to £4,500 has been earmarked for the speed limit changes although this may be insufficient to complete the speed limit changes in one go. The costs of installing the speed bump are currently unknown.  Financial assistance may be available from the County Council although this is subject to their budget review in early 2022.


Finally, the cogs of local government can turn quite slowly, and these changes may take some time to implement!