Village community support 

In case we were in any doubt, the Government’s announcements yesterday have made it clear that we have a challenging few months ahead.
A few of us have been talking about how we can help each other out through this difficult time. It is likely that many of us will have spells of being stuck indoors, and for some of us at particular risk from the virus, this will be an extended period.

What we would like to do is enlist as many ‘volunteers’ as possible within the village who are able and willing (Coronavirus illness and isolation notwithstanding!) to help others out. This could be anything from picking up a pint of milk or some other groceries or medication, to simply waving through the window, or some morale-boosting email messages and chat.
To get this up and running, we initially need to draw up a list of volunteers who are happy to be included in the list and are willing for their names, addresses, phone numbers and emails to be distributed around the village in the form of a letter and by email. There is obviously no compulsion to volunteer or share this information if you feel that you prefer to maintain your privacy. We trust that all villagers in possession of these contact details will respect the purpose for which they are intended.

Some of you have already very kindly indicated that you would like to volunteer and we’re sure there are many more who will be willing. For the purposes of gathering all the information, we’d be really grateful if you could reply to with the following information, which you are willing to share and be used for contact for this purpose:

NameAddress, Phone numbers(s) and Email address

Once the group is established, we can refine and develop it according to need and events.

We will also start a WhatsApp group for as many residents as possible, not just the volunteers, so please let us know if you would rather NOT be added to this when supplying your mobile number for volunteering. If you are not able to volunteer but would like to be added to this group, please send us your mobile number (or text 07971 246870)

We would be really grateful if you could spread the word about this to friends and neighbours in the village, particularly those not on this circulation list.

Sorry for the short timescale, but as the ’shielding’ period for the more vulnerable starts at the weekend, we will compile the initial list on Thursday based on the details received by 10pm Wednesday evening. We can add more names later though.

Very best wishes,
Amanda Benbow, Rhona Edwards, Amanda Johnson, Claire King, Serena Lloyd, Frances Mayes, Lydia Russell, Fiona Ryan
And Bourton Parish Council