St James’s Church

Benefice pilgrimage

Message from Sarah & Amanda:

Hi everyone

Hope you’re all having a great summer. As usual we won’t be having a service on the 3rd Sunday in August, but this year instead we’ll be taking part in a pilgrimage with St Andrews. It would be lovely to see some of our St James congregation there.

We’re meeting at Bourton to set off at 3pm. All the details are below. You can come to all or some of it if you’d prefer to just drive to St Andrews for the service or join us at Bourton Club for a drink on our return. I can also get James to taxi people back from Shrivenham if they don’t fancy the walk back.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Sarah & Amanda


Benefice Pilgrimage Sunday 15th August


We often talk about our “Christian journey” and for many this is purely figurative, but for others it is literally true as they walk to or between holy places, meeting God in new ways as they go.


We would like to recreate this ancient practice in the Benefice, starting with a walk of approximately 1.75 miles from Bourton St James to Shrivenham St Andrew (and back for those who feel energetic!).


We will leave Bourton at 3pm. Tea and cake will be served in St Andrew’s from 4pm, with a service at 4:30pm, then departing for Bourton at about 5pm.


Bourton Club have kindly allowed us to use their car park and the bar will be open for refreshment when we get back. Everyone is welcome to join us, even if only for the walk and tea!


Download the map and directions from our website.

More information from David Watson (783405)