Parking around the pin

Many villagers will be aware of the problems with parked cars around the ‘pin’ at the centre of the village blocking the access into Silver Street and The Grove for large vehicles. Unfortunately this has meant the waste collection lorries have been unable to enter Silver Street on numerous occasions over the past year, resulting in bins being left un-emptied for several days.

While missed bin collections are an annoyance, of greater concern is the blocking of access for emergency vehicles in the event of a house fire or medical emergency.

Consequently, the Parish Council has taken advice from the waste disposal company, the fire service and the County highways department on how we might restrict parking around the pin to keep the way into Silver Street clear at all times.

As a result, you may have noticed the new solid white lines painted on the roadside near the pin – these denote ‘no parking’ areas which, if kept clear, will keep the route open. We understand that this may at times affect the proximity of parking for some residents but the extent of the white lines is the absolute minimum required.

We do hope the ‘no parking’ areas are respected – for the sake of timely bin collections and, possibly, something more serious.

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