Important Parish Council news: Bourton is twinned with….

We are delighted to announce an exciting initiative from the Parish Council – twinning with another community outside the UK.

Villagers will be familiar with the concept of community twinning – bringing communities together across borders and promoting friendship and co-operation.  For example, Swindon is twinned with Salzgitter in Germany, Shrivenham is twinned with Mortrée in France and Bishopstone recently announced they have twinned with Detroit in the USA.

To make sure Bourton doesn’t lose out from these important international connections, the Parish Council is seeking a suitable community to twin with.  After extensive research, the current shortlist includes:

  • Saint-Tropez, France
  • Barcelona, Spain and
  • Dubai

We have scheduled a series of fact-finding visits to these locations (two other possible places in Switzerland and Austria are due to be seen much later in the year).  Villagers can rest assured that costs will be kept to a minimum with only three councillors going to each location for a maximum of two weeks.

Watch this space for news of how we get on.   Adiós!