Access to Pinewood land

Message from the Headmaster, Pinewood School:

Pinewood is saddened by recent vandalism to two of our recently erected signs. (We suspect the same person may have been responsible for a spate of wire-cutting of fences a couple of years ago). The paths and woodland are for the benefit of the village and the signs state that we give consent/permission to walkers. Legally we have to nominally close the footpaths for one day a year to protect our rights to the land otherwise, over time, the general public can claim historic rights of access.

We planted the woodland for the village, we maintain the paths for the village, we installed stiles and dog gates for the village and we want the village enjoy the freedom of the plantation.  If you know who may have a vendetta against Pinewood please ask them to stop or come and engage with us as to why they feel slighted.

We are trying to be good neighbours: supporting the church and village hall, inviting the village to events, loaning equipment also and financing future traffic calming measures. I don’t know what more we can do.